“American ex-cardinal McCarrick in court for child abuse anyway”

American ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick (91) is accused of sexually abusing a 16-year-old boy. The abuse was said to have occurred at the victim‘s brother’s wedding reception in the 1970s. newspaper The Boston Globe writes about.

So far, charges against McCarrick have not yielded anything because the cases were barred. In this case, prosecution is possible because the ex-cardinal was not a resident of the state where the abuse would have occurred in June 1974.

According to the newspaper, there is now a subpoena ordering McCarrick to appear in court on August 26th. His lawyer just wants to say that we look forward to tackling this issue in court. According to the victim‘s lawyer, McCarrick was a friend of the family and there was more frequent sexual abuse.

Ignored for decades

91-year-old McCarrick is the first cardinal in the United States to be charged with criminal charges for a sex offense against a minor. McCarrick went with emeritus in 2006. Three years ago, Pope Francis deprived him of priestly status for allegations of sexual abuse. McCarrick said at the time he couldn’t remember anything about abuse.

Complaints about the cardinal were ignored for decades. The only times that went into it, Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict downplayed the anonymous complaints, revealed by a report by the Vatican.

Cardinals are also called the princes of the church. After the Pope, they have the highest rank in the Roman Catholic Church, advise the Pope and have the right to choose a new pope in a conclave.