American girl (9) on trampoline shot and died

A 9-year-old American girl died after she was shot in the head while playing on a trampoline. She was in the hospital for two weeks, but help was no longer helpful.

Police in Minneapolis have announced the tragic death of the girl, Trinity, this week. She died at the hospital on Thursday. The fatal shot was fired on May 15 by a stranger from a car. Suspect ran away quickly. No one‘s been arrested yet.

The young victim was hit in the head. At that time other children were jumping on the trampoline, reporting American media.

โ€œ She doesn’t deserve this,โ€ says Trinity‘s mother. She set up a crowdfunding campaign because of the death of her child. More than fifty thousand dollars have already been raised. They’re calling on the unsub to report. โ€œOur city is better than this, and our children deserve better than this,โ€ says a city councillor in Minnesota.

Also the one with the golden tip can count on a substantial amount of money from the police.