American Millions for Dog and Cat Food

Investment funds The Craftory and DLF Venture invest $22 million in dog and cat food producer Edgard & Cooper.

The investment gives Edgard & Cooper the opportunity to grow even further in Europe. The company is now active in thirteen European countries with, among others, an office in Rotterdam, but also in London and Paris. Edgard & Cooper also has six hundred outlets in our country.


The company focuses on innovative animal nutrition by using fresh and nutritious ingredients packaged in biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

Edgard & Cooper was founded in 2016 by the entrepreneurs Louis Chalabi (boss of dog Cooper), Jรผrgen Degrande and Koen Bostoen (boss of dog Edgard). In the absence of healthy animal food on the market, they developed a dog chunk made from fresh meat and nutritious ingredients such as vegetables, fruits and herbs.


With the investment of The Craftory and DLF Venture, Edgard & Cooper wants to strengthen its position in Europe, but more importantly, the entrepreneurs consider it to be able to maintain their sustainable business model.

โ€œ We looked for investors who not only showed an interest in growth and profit, but believe that a brand should initially take care of the welfare of animals, people and the environment. Both investment funds fit seamlessly with our vision. We are therefore delighted with their support,โ€ says Bostoen.