American newspaper refuses to release description “black shooter”

During a shooting in the American city of Austin, at least 13 people were injured on Saturday. Remarkably, a local newspaper refused to share details from a police BOLO because the description would be ‘stereotypical’.

Two of the victims of the wild shooting are in critical condition, as the police in the capital of Texas announced. Two gunmen were wanted, including a black man with dreadlocks, as was written in a police message right after the shooting.

The readers of the Austin American-Statesman have escaped that information because the newspaper found the police description ‘too vague’. In addition, publishing the appearance of the suspect could be harmful in combating stereotyping, the newspaper stated in an explanatory statement at the bottom of the news item.

Innocents shot

According to CNN, one suspect has been arrested. The mayor of the city has condemned the gun violence.

The exact circumstances of the shooting have yet to be clarified. The police do not rule out the possibility of a violent clash between rival gangs. It was pretty busy on the streets when the bomb burst. The wounded would almost all be innocent bystanders. Camera images are being read.