American TV show promises winner ten-day space trip to ISS

An American TV producer has announced a TV show where the finalist can win a ten-day trip to the ISS space station. The winner of the reality show Space Hero is scheduled to go into space in 2023.

The show will be made by Propagate, known from the American versions of The Office and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. For Space Hero, the producer is working with Axiom Space, a company that focuses on space tourism and develops commercial modules for the ISS.

In the series, the makers around the world are looking for “an everyday citizen with a great love of space exploration,” Propagate announces. “An opportunity for anyone with any background to become the first globally chosen space traveller to take part in a mission to the International Space Station”

The participants in the show will undergo intensive training. They will face the same physically and mentally demanding tests that astronauts undergo during their training. According to current plans, the selection will end with an episode that will be broadcast live, allowing viewers around the world to vote for the participant they prefer to see going into space. The winner will then be followed during his or her space adventure.

According to news website Deadline, which was the first to report on the announcement, the winner will fly a Crew Dragon from SpaceX to the ISS, but according to Axiom it is not yet certain which space vehicle will rent a seat. The companies do not say how much it will cost, but it will not be cheap: for a seat on board the Dragon more than 50 million dollars will soon be paid.

The manufacturer of the new reality series is not the first to turn a blind eye to the ISS. As early as May, NASA announced that it was working with Tom Cruise to film scenes with the actor in the space station. Apart from the TV show, Axiom has already booked other space tourists for a space trip in 2021.