Americans announce sanctions for pipeline vessel Nord Stream 2

The United States will impose sanctions on a Russian pipeline vessel and its owner KVT-RUS, involved in the construction of the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany. The Americans have informed the German government. Exactly what the penalties entail has not been brought out.

On the

contrary, German authorities recently gave permission to continue the project, to the annoyance of the government in Washington. The ship in question, the Fortuna, is currently anchored in the Baltic Sea near Rostock.

The pipeline is already ready for the most part, but there is still a lot of stale left. The US is opposed to the pipeline because it would give Moscow more influence in Western Europe. The US government has repeatedly threatened sanctions for companies involved in the construction. In the past, future President Joe Biden has also resisted Nord Stream 2. It is still unclear whether, after taking office on Wednesday, he will push for a compromise on the issue.

Many companies are involved in Nord Stream 2, including the oil and gas group Shell. European countries such as Poland and Ukraine are also strongly opposed to the project. On the contrary, the German Government states that the gas pipeline provides a direct and secure supply of energy. With Nord Stream 2, the capacity for gas supplies from Russia to Germany should be doubled.