Amnesia: Rebirth still hasnt paid off, but set sales record in 24 hours

Studio Frictional Games decided to tell about the success of their projects – however, they are quite moderate. As the developers note, for five months Amnesia: Rebirth sold in circulation over 100 thousand copies โ€” on the day of release on October 20, a record number of copies in the history of Frictional were bought. Unfortunately, despite all this, the game still has not paid off.

The initial pace of sales of the new โ€œAmnesiaโ€ was similar to SOMA, but after the release of major releases like Call of Duty, Assassins Creed and Cyberpunk 2077 they declined โ€” fortunately, already in February they levelled again. The studio as a whole is optimistic – Amnesia: Rebirth thanks to the sundress radio will continue to sell perfectly in the long term and will be paid off.

So was the case with SOMA, whose circulation on PC recently exceeded one million copies. It has already paid off many times.

Amnesia: Rebirth came out in October 2020 on PS4 and PC. More on Gambling โ€œSpider-Man: Miles Moralesโ€ topped the charts for the first time since release Britains creators Dark Alliance on D&D revealed gameplay and announced release date Filming of Netflixs โ€œCowboy Bebopโ€ Ended.