Amnesia tourist in Croatia identified thanks to US tipsters

The amnesia cached tourist, who was found on a pointed rock in a bay near the Croatian island of Krk earlier this month, has been identified.

The woman was found crying on September 12 th and with injuries to her face. She speaks good English but didn‘t know who she was anymore.

Wednesday it was announced that it is 57-year-old Daniela Adamcova from Slovakia. The woman can’t remember her identity anymore. She also has made jewelry for stars such as Diana Ross, Brigitte Bardot and Barbara Streisand, writes The Times.

Adamcova has spent a time of her life in Ireland and in the United States. Friends from Los Angeles could eventually tell police in Croatia who the woman is.

‘Extremely inaccessible bay’

A fisherman warned police earlier this week when he saw the woman sitting on the rock and couldn‘t get to it himself. โ€œIt’s very strange that she was there at all. It is an extremely inaccessible part of the bay, with terribly sharp rocks,โ€ says a resident against the news site 24Sata.