Amnestys Controversial Investigation Over Ukrainian Army Revisits

After fierce criticism of an Amnesty International investigation into the actions of the Ukrainian army, a closer look at how this came about.

At the

beginning of this month, Amnesty concluded that the Ukrainian army is endangering its own civilians by building army bases in residential areas and schools and hospitals. It was reacted scathing. For example, an emeritus professor of military law at the University of Amsterdam said that the research is โ€œfull of holesโ€.

The head of Amnesty International in Ukraine, Oksana Pokalchuk, found the conclusion one-sided and โ€œan instrument of Russian propagandaโ€. Out of discontent, she stepped up.

Draw consequences quickly

National Amnesty departments, including those in Ukraine, can now provide input. The human rights organization talks about an โ€œin-depth, comprehensive reviewโ€ of the investigation process.

โ€œExternal reviewers will examine Amnestys decisions and working practices that led to the publication of the press release,โ€ Amnesty International writes in a statement. The extensive press release with the criticized conclusions came out in early August. Who the reviewers are is not yet known.

The human rights organization promises to draw consequences quickly based on the findings.