‘Among others Spurs and BVB ‘potential suitors’ by goalkeeper Henderson’

Dean Henderson made a furore during the 2019/2020 season as a mercenary of Sheffield United, but now plays second violin with Manchester United, behind David De Gea. However, the 23-year-old goalkeeper has plenty of options, if he decides to leave The Red Devils, reports Sky Sports.

According to the medium there is a large list of potential suitors, with Tottenham Hotspur and Borussia Dortmund as the most appealing names. Tottenham Hotspur in particular keeps his eyes open for a new goalkeeper: Hugo Lloris has been the first choice in North London for years, but will be his last year of contract this summer.
Manchester United-manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a bit in his stomach with Henderson. The goalkeeper signed a five-year commitment last summer โ€” after his return from Sheffield โ€” but has only taken action this season. Competitor De Gea is also fixed for two years and earns more than four tonnes a week at Old Trafford. Sky Sports does not rule out that Manchester United chooses to rent Henderson again.