Amsterdam closes parks at night against illegal parties

The Amsterdam-Amstelland Safety Region is going to take additional measures to the decisions announced by the central government on Friday evening in the fight against corona.

The city parks will be closed preventively at night to prevent people from moving illegal parties there. Enforcement and police will continue to carry out targeted checks at places where people congregate, such as party and hall venues, cafรฉs, restaurants and sports canteens.

Shopping baskets counted again

In the supermarkets, as in the beginning of the corona crisis, the shopping baskets have to be counted and disinfected again. From now on, a visit to the catering industry will be accompanied by a health check. Visitors must permanently leave their contact details.

The security region will also open public buildings such as libraries, district offices and swimming pools at certain times of the day only to the elderly and people in poor health. If it is up to the Security Region, shops and museums will participate.

There will be additional communication campaigns and materials to better reach young people, students and those who are less literate.

Student associations

The GGD provides tailor-made prevention packages for places where many infections occur, such as schools, the hospitality industry and student associations. They also enter into dialogue with these target groups.

We will continue to deploy measures to prevent too much crowding in the public space. We will do this, for example, by setting up one-way traffic, (temporarily) blocking streets for car traffic or dosing at the entrance when it really gets too crowded, concludes the Safety Region in a press release.