Amsterdam Dance Event will be going on this year

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) will continue this year, despite the corona measures. The parties will only last until midnight, as the corona measures dictate. The organization announced that on Wednesday.

The dance festival in Amsterdam will be from 13 to 17 October this year. The event attracted some 400,000 Dutch and international visitors the last time in 2019. On Tuesday, the Amsterdam Music Festival (AMF), the biggest event of the Amsterdam Dance Event, announced its failure to go ahead. The Amsterdam Music Festival is normally visited by around 35,000 people in the Johan Cruyff Arena.

โ€œAlthough for the time being a select number of events have unfortunately had to cancel their event, fortunately, there is plenty left to create a great ADE,โ€ said directors Jan-Willem van de Ven and Meindert Kennis. โ€œDespite the limitations, it does well that ADE can help support this whole sector in this way.โ€

Some easing were announced during the corona press conference on Tuesday, but the night hospitality industry and clubs have yet to keep the doors closed between 00.00 and 6am for the time being. โ€œImmediately after the press conference, we are overloaded with messages from organizers who want to do everything they can to keep their programme going on within the current measures,โ€ said the directors.