Amsterdam-East raises rainbow flag in protest against homophobia

From now on, the rainbow flag will permanently fly above the building where the Amsterdam East District is located. This year the district had to deal with gay related violence several times. With the flag, the municipality wants to show solidarity.

Stop swearing, fists, dirty cans and throwing rotten eggs, says district president Maarten Poorter in Het Parool. The measure is full, everyone should be able to be themselves without any hindrance

According to Poorter, this is important in a society where different people and cultures live side by side. Respect, learn and seek the connection with each other within the diversity

Last weekend, a house in the neighbourhood, with a rainbow flag, was hit twice within 24 hours by fireworks. The resident had hanged the flag in solidarity with a gay couple from the neighbourhood who had pelted the same flag with eggs.

There have also been several violent incidents this year. For example, a couple in the neighbourhood was attacked twice by a group of young people. And in May, a man who had been canoeing with his partner was scolded and stabbed to death with a piece of glass during an argument.

Conversations with schools

The district is preparing an action programme to tackle homophobia. Talks are being held with directors of secondary schools in the neighbourhood. Meetings are also organised for victims. A new investigation into discrimination and tolerance in the city has already been announced.