Amsterdam general practitioners take part in coronazorg hospitals

Restorating coronapatics in hospitals in Amsterdam may be sent home earlier, as general practitioners take care of part of the care. Internist-infectiologist Marc van der Valk of Amsterdam UMC says that in the AD.

The Amsterdam hospitals, together with the general practitioners and home care organisations in the capital, expect to be able to send around 50 patients early per week. The general practitioners will then assist them where necessary.

Home with oxygen

โ€œ We often see that people who are over the mountain and recover need some oxygen for quite a long time, while they are still stable,โ€ says Van der Valk in the newspaper. โ€œIf they can save themselves with mantle care or minimal home care, they can go home early with oxygen.โ€ According to Van der Valk, an average intake of 7 to 8 days can be reduced by 2 days. โ€œThis has a very big impact: so we can take in new patients earlier and maintain regular care better.โ€

Van der Valk emphasises that early sending home is only done with the agreement of the general practitioner. โ€œIf he suffers from a major outbreak in his ward, we keep the patient here or find another solution. The general practitioner must be able to take care of it.โ€