Amsterdam postpones fireworks by corona for year

This turn of the year, the municipality of Amsterdam has not yet introduced a ban on the sale of consumer fireworks. The ban has been postponed by one year due to the corona crisis. According to the municipality, the enforcement of a total firing ban, in addition to the enforcement of the corona rules, is “complex and intensive”.

It is also not clear from the corona rules whether local celebrations can continue in neighbourhoods. According to the municipality “they should have been an alternative to setting off fireworks themselves”, reports NH Nieuws.

Furthermore, the legal and financial risks are greater than foreseen, reports the municipality. At the end of July, firework vendors already indicated to AT5 that they wanted to take legal action. They also predicted that the ban would be unenforceable.

The national sales ban on firecrackers and arrows does apply this year. Decorative fireworks from the category F2, such as fountains, jumping tops and rotating suns, may be sold.