Amsterdam pulverizes Victoria, HGC finally achieves victory

In the third round of the womens premier league, the Amsterdam hockey players in the Wagener stadium dealt with fencer Victoria. The capitals won with 10-1 of the team from Rotterdam.

Players Freeke Moes and Lauren Stam both won a hat-trick. Fay van der Elst (transferred from HDM and good for two goals) and Dutch national team Felice Albers and Maria Verschoor completed the scoreboard.

Victoria did not make a fortunate start to the season: in the first game, the team went down 6-0 with Den Bosch, then in the next round of play the Dutch Red Team took home the runs: 0-3.

Captain Daphne Voormolen saved the honour for the Rotterdam squad seven minutes ahead of time tonight by scoring the first goal of the season.

HGC celebrates

Like Amsterdam, Den Bosch continues the undefeated series. The Brabanders won with a business 1-0 from Kampong that had to take the third defeat in a row. But the biggest euphoria was to be found on the fields of HGC.

That club did not manage to score a single point until the winter break last season. Just before the coronavirus hit our country, the club from Wassenaar (after seventeen games) managed to get one point behind the name by a draw against Hurley.

That same opponent was again a guest at HGC on Friday evening, this time the euphoria for HGC was even greater. With a narrow victory (2-1), the women have won the very first points of this season.

Bloemendaal also did good business this season after a false start. The Sparrows surprised Oranje-Rood by taking the points back to Noord-Holland. In Eindhoven it was 1-2.

Not only for HGC, but also for SCHC-player Caia van Maasakker it was a special evening. The 193-fold international made her 200th hit in the premier league, so besides the victory over Pinokรฉ (5-0) another reason to celebrate. Team mate Ginella Zerbo scored a hat-trick and Van Maasakker completed the score just before time with a penalty ball.

In the league, four teams are still clear at the top after the third round: Amsterdam, SCHC, Den Bosch and HDM (2-0 victory over Laren) are the frontrunners with nine points from three games.

For the women of Amsterdam, the ten-player against Victoria was the third win in a row. Earlier, HGC won at home.