An Elfstedentocht in the current coronasituation is not in

An Elfstedentocht in the current pandemic is not in it. Chairman Wiebe Wieling of the Koninklijke Vereniging De Friesche Elf Cities (Koninklijke Vereniging De Friesche Elf Cities) informing the ANP that nothing has changed in the previous position of the board. โ€œIn view of the current coronation situation, there is no other position than that we have expressed so far. Thats all I want to say about this,โ€ says Wieling.

Last month the board made it clear again that it is not possible to organise the Elfstedentocht under the current corona measures. In any case, as long as the 1.5 meter measure exists in the Netherlands, the skating classier in Friesland cannot be held. When the measures are relaxed, the situation will be reviewed. If there is enough ice and it is possible in relation to the corona measures, the board can organise an Elfstedentocht within 48 hours.

However, the board now finds it unreasonable to organise an event that will bring hundreds of thousands of people on their feet, with all possible risks of contamination. The Elfstedentocht also puts a lot of pressure on hospitals and medical support. The Board also considers that this is not justified at the moment, given the great pressures that this sector is currently experiencing.

Zero centimeter ice in Friesland

The board also emphasized in January that an alternative version of the Elfstedentocht (with, for example, only competition skaters, without audience, fewer participants) is not an option. โ€œAn Elfstedentocht is not a real Elfstedentocht without an audience or with only a part of the participant fieldโ€, the motto is.

Wieling realises that in the skating crazy Netherlands there are already plenty of rumors about the Tour of Tours now that winter strikes hard. However, he also soberly points to the fact that there is not yet a centimeter of ice in Friesland.