An expanded edition to be released soon for cybernoir thriller The Signifier

In the fall of 2020, Chilean studio Playme released its debut game, tech-noir mystical adventure The Signifier, on RS. The release came out successful: very positive reviews on Steam. However, the developers were unhappy with how many ideas did not enter the fnal version.

To implement everything that was conceived in the process of work, the studio decided to release an expanded version games, and the publishing house Raw Fury supported the idea. As a result, April 22 is released The Signifier: Director‘s Cut.

The โ€œdirector’s versionโ€ will include additional content, new endings, as well as a lot of small details that were lost in the course of working on the studio‘s first game. Enhanced graphics and optimizations, a new interface and animations are prepared for the expanded edition.

An extended edition of The Signifier is published on Steam, GOOG and the Humble store. All owners of the game will receive Director’s Cut for free.

And before the end of the year there should be a release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. More on CCeit Buildings Have Feelings Too! released April 22 FMV-thriller Internet Court filmed before the pandemic The day after tomorrow starts technical testing Diablo II: Resurrected.