An insider showed what the canceled Halo VR could look like

Recently, an insider Rebs Gaming reported that in 2017, 343 Industries explored the possibility of creating a virtual reality game based on the Halo series. The studio negotiated with a number of potential developers, but eventually abandoned the project due to difficulties and limited user base. From the canceled project under the working name Reverie there are a few concept arts left that suggest that the plot was related to Master Chief, and players would have a number of unusual features, including a jetpack.

Now, Rebs Gaming has shown how could look like a canceled game. The short video was shot by the creator of the custom modification ReclaimerVR, which was never brought to release.

For a simple reason: 343 Industries hired its creator, Nibre, known as the author of the VR mod for Alien: Isolation. Nibre, published a short gameplay recording in 2019.

Last year, he confirmed that the ReclaimerVR mod is frozen until better times. He himself now works at 343 Industries as a user modification engineer for Halo.

In response to my post about the canceled Halo VR project, heres our only look at what Halo VR would look like. This was created by Nibre_ who was hired by 343 as a Halo MCC engineer after he posted this in 2019 #Xbox pic.

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