Analysts: “The Office” became the most popular TV series on streaming in the US

The Nielsen portal, which tracks views in some streaming services, introduced analytics for the past 2020. Netflix is still the main winner, but Disney+ managed to achieve success among full-length film releases. The most popular series on Netflix for 2020 remained The Office, whose rental rights the service lost in early 2021.

In total, viewers managed to watch more than 57bn minutes of the popular sitcom. The second most popular was Anatomy of a Passion – almost 40 billion minutes viewed.

Overall viewers spent 265. 5 billion minutes on the 10 most popular series of the year.

Netflix also owns 9 out of 10 positions in the top most viewed original series in the U. S.

— this ranking tops Ozark with 30. 46 billion minutes.

The only candidate outside Netflix was Mandalorets — 14. 52 billion minutes.

At the same time, it should be noted that Nielsen does not take into account these views from mobile devices, so the final results can be slightly different in reality. Top 15 TV series in the United States The Office Greys Anatomy Minds Like a Criminal Ozark NCIS: Special Branch Shitts Creek ; Supernatural Lucifer Shameless Crown King of Tigers New Mandalorets Blacklist ; The Vampire Diaries.

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