ANBO: Third Elderly Votes by Post

Nearly a third of the people over 70 say they intend to vote for the parliamentary elections by letter. This reports the elderly organisation ANBO after its own poll.

The League conducted the survey among 6000 people aged 65 and over. The organization wanted to know what kind of influence Corona has on the election.

The ANBO says it is delighted that quite a lot of seniors will take advantage of this unique opportunity in coronatijd. But the elderly organisation is concerned about possible invalid votes.

Due to corona security, 70 people over are allowed to vote by post. In addition, in many places, it is already possible to vote on 15 and 16 March, with 11% of older people thinking about voting on those days.


Today, the first 240,000 seniors get their ballots sent home to vote by post. In total, 2.4 million people are given the opportunity to vote by letter. The ANBO reminds elderly people that they must fill out their banknotes carefully in order to avoid an invalid vote.

Two weeks ago, a trial was held in The Hague with twelve elderly people who cast their votes by post. More than half of those votes would have been declared invalid in real elections. If these numbers translate nationally, it will be a tragedy, said the research leader.

The union warns elderly people now. ANBO advises the letter voters to sit down and, if possible, let another watch. The letter must also be sent on time.