Anchors, pots and 900-year-old sword: diver finds ancient objects off coast of Israel

A diver has turned up an ancient sword off the coast of Israel. Experts assume that it is a sword from the time of the Crusades, about 900 years ago.

The recreational diver was about 150 metres off the coast near Haifa, in northern Israel, when he found some ancient objects, including anchors, pots and sword at five metres depth.

Over the centuries, shells and coral have been hardened to the sword:

The diver brought the sword to land and handed it to the authorities. The presumably iron weapon is a meter long. It will be cleaned and further analysed.

The sword probably belonged to a crusader on his way to โ€œthe Holy Land.โ€ The Crusades, with which Western European Christians traveled to the Middle East to conquer Jerusalem and surrounding areas on the Muslims, began in 1095 and the last crusade ended in 1272. In the meantime, Christian crusaders had long held Jerusalem and large parts of todays Israel and Lebanon.

According to experts, the area where the sword was found is rich in archaeological treasures โ€” sometimes even several thousand years old โ€” because merchant ships anchored it at the time. However, because of the constantly moving seabed, it is difficult to show up the treasures.