Ancient human footsteps found in American desert

In the U.S. state of Utah, archaeologists have accidentally stumbled upon centuries-old human footsteps. The footprints were found in the desert and may be 12,000 years old. The tracks were found in late July at an army training ground, in a dried-up lake in the north of the state.

Cornell University โ€” to which the discoverers are connected โ€” reports that these are footprints of adults and children, who lived along a riverbed thousands of years ago. The researchers conclude that the footsteps must have been taken in wetland, swampy soil that has not been there for at least 10,000 years.

Archaeologists tell The New York Times that the discovery of the prints is โ€œpure coincidenceโ€. They were on their way to a nearby archaeological site when they observed the prints in the sand.

It turned out to be so-called ghost tracks, which are only visible under certain circumstances. Initially, a handful of footsteps were found, but after more intensive research, it turned out to be 88 prints.

According to an involved scientist, the footprints may date back to the tail of the last ice age. They are not completely sure, no scientific research has yet appeared about the discovery.

If it is true that the footprints are from the Ice Age, that would be the second time human traces from that period have been found in the United States.