And again about GTA V super-realism: ray tracing and 3D clouds in 8K

Famous Youtube channel Digital Dreams, which specialises in squeezing the max out of modified games, has posted another video of the famous Grand Theft Auto V: the game is perfectly supportive custom mods and allows for any experiments. This time the channel host posted a video in 8K that showed a new build of mods involving ray tracing, volume dynamic clouds, realistic road traffic and with a set to create basements. The game was run on a computer with Asus Prime X470-Pro motherboard, Ryzen 9 3900x 4.

5Ghz processor, 32 GB RAM and ASUS TUF RTX 3090 graphics card. References to downloading mods and presets are given in the description.

Earlier, Digital Dreams showed another recording of the Witcher 3 in 8K resolution and involving more than half a hundred modifications. More on Game Hacker Adventure Recompile is released in August Farlanders Urban Simulator past Kickstarter by 300% Bears and Dryads: New World authors revealed Edengrove region.