André Rieu: ‘Summer concerts Vrijthof van de baan’

Another hard slap in the face of walker king André Rieu. As a result of the coronapandemic, the annual summer concerts at the Vrijthof in Maastricht will not take place for the second consecutive year. That‘s what the orchestra leader has just announced.

André Rieu thinks the risks are still too great, especially because the traditional concert series in his hometown also attracts a lot of public from abroad.

Unfortunately, we are not far enough around the world with the vaccinations to sing, laugh and dance together in Maastricht in July, carefree and happily, says Rieu, who has been vaccinated.

That’s why we‘re moving the program to 2022. It’s a pity that the traditional open-air concerts with my Johann Strauss Orchestra will not continue.

Christmas concerts

In March Rieu already reported that there was little chance that the Vrijthof concerts would continue this year, despite the worldwide vaccination programme.

The Christmas concerts scheduled in December at the MECC Maastricht have not been cancelled. The orchestral leader also hopes that the planned concerts will take place in October in Chile and Uruguay and in November in Israel.

In that country we sold a thousand tickets in one day. Almost everyone has been vaccinated there.


failure of the

Vrijthof concerts is once again a noose of many millions for the orchestra leader.

Every summer around 150,000 visitors from 90 countries arrange for a gigantic party at the Vrijthof. It is impossible to do with one and a half meters away because there is always a lot of singing and dancing during the concerts. That is why we unfortunately decided today to cancel the concerts. Safety is our top priority.

Not only is it a noose for the world-famous orchestra, also owners of hotels in and around Maastricht are missing a lot of revenue now that the summer concerts have been cancelled.

State aid

Thanks to the support of the government, Rieu already announced that he could survive the crisis. His company has 120 permanent employees whose government takes over a large part of the costs.

We have worked hard over the past few weeks to reschedule all the concerts for 2022.

The new data will be reported on the website of André Rieu. On July 7, 2022 the first concert of a series of fourteen performances is planned. Orders and travel arrangements booked via André Rieu Travel will automatically be valid for 2022, and fans will be able to download the tickets with the new date from Friday via the original order confirmation.