André van Duin kept colon cancer silent: Cant resist compassionate glances

André van Duin (73) was secretly operated for colon cancer at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoekziekenhuis in Amsterdam last week. The operation went well and the comedian and Heel Holland Bakt-presenter is back home.

Exactly one year ago Van Duin lost his husband Martin Elferink (55) to bone cancer. He therefore chose to undergo the journey in silence. Those compassionate glances, I can‘t handle that, he says in De Cceit.

Over the past few months, Van Duin told as few people as possible about his illness. I like people to laugh at me and not that, when they see me, they immediately think: ‘Oh, goss, his husband dead, his friend Corrie van Gorp and now even cancer. ‘ Then you become such a pathetic, old comedian.

Alarm Bell

According to Van Duin, he found out at the end of the summer that something was wrong. At the risk of this becoming sewage journalism: I stood up from the toilet and you look back. There I saw a plump of blood and that made me ring an alarm bell. And then my general practitioner too.

After examination in the hospital, a tumor in the large intestine was detected. Unlike his husband last year, the perspectives for Van Duin were favourable. The tumor turned out to be very operable, but it had to shrone before it could be removed. Over the past few months, Van Duin underwent four courses of chemotherapy.

And so I came back to the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, where I have so many footsteps with Martin, says the comedian to the newspaper. I knew the way there, so to speak. Now it was me who entered the medical mill there.

We’re back.

Van Duin continued to work during the treatments. So he presented ‘just’ Heel Holland Bakt. The few people who had to take care of it knew why a day was changed, but most of them didn‘t. They thought, at most, to turn everything over again?

Although the disease has been cut into it, Van Duin is doing well under circumstances. He’s gonna have to take it easy for the next few months, but he‘s got plenty of plans. Today is a bad day, because of Martin. But luckily, there’s also good news. To speak with Dik Voormekaar: ‘Yes, we are again! ‘