Andy Surkis on Venom and Spider-Man crossover: “It will take place”

Venoma sequel director Andy Searkis believes that Spider-Mans symbiote crossover is only a matter of time. The director noted that the issue of their meeting was of concern to all fans, but in his opinion it was not necessary to rush the event. If you rush into the clash between Peter Parker and Eddie Brock, you can miss interesting villains only related to Venom — because after the battle of Spider and the symbiote, there will probably be interest in them significantly lower.

Therefore, Sörkis believes that up to this point, other stories with Venom can be told. Meanwhile, the first short reviews from the sequels premiere began appearing on the network, which were largely positive — praising the actors work, tone, and powerful scene after the credits.

The description of the latter, by the way, has already been leaked online. Venoma 2 will be released in Russian cinemas on September 30.

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