Angelina Jolie lurks away from killers in screenwriter thriller ‘Killers’

The network featured the debut trailer of the thriller โ€œThose Who Wish Me Death,โ€ starring Angelina Jolie in the title role. The author of the painting is Taylor Sheridan (โ€œThe Killerโ€, โ€œWindy Riverโ€). The story tells of a rescue squad member Hannah, who, during a patrol, meets a terribly scared boy.

It turns out that the young character is being chased by a whole crowd of killers for some reason โ€” Hannah tries to help him, so she too becomes a target for the killers. The case is complicated by the fact that the forests where they are hiding are engulfed in fire.

Besides Jolie, the film plays: Nicholas Holt (โ€œX-Menโ€), Aidan Gillen (โ€œGame of Thronesโ€, โ€œSharp Visorsโ€), John Bernthal (โ€œThe Punisherโ€,โ€ ; Windy Riverโ€) and others. The premiere of the film in the Russian rental will take place on May 13, and already on the 14th of the picture will appear on HBO Max.

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