‘Anger and sadness’ after death found rare white moose

First Nations (indigenous people) in Canada are deeply sad to the loss of a rare white moose. In Timmins, Ontario, two female moose were found shot and abandoned along the road. โ€œWhy would someone with a hunting license kill a sacred animal,โ€ the First Nations ask themselves. It seems that hunters have ignored the many warning signs against killing the protected animals. โ€œEveryone is furious and sad.โ€

The Guardian writes that. โ€œWhy would you shoot it? Nobody needs one,โ€ asks Chief Murray Ray, First Nation. โ€œIf you have a license to shoot one moose, you can shoot another. But just leave the white alone.โ€ The special white moose gets its color by a recessive gene. The rare animals are revered, as are white bison, raven and grizzly bears.

โ€œ I find it sad that someone shoots such a beautiful animal,โ€ said Troy Woodhouse, member of the community. โ€œNobody knows exactly how many live in the area, so any loss of a white moose is one too many.โ€

Woodhouse reknows that he first saw a white moose with his wife. It was near his grandfathers house. โ€œIt was a sign that he was watching over us. It was a very special moment for me,โ€ he tells the Guardian.

Nature photographer Mark Clement has seen four white moose over the years. He estimates that there are about 30 white specimens in the region.

In 2013, three hunters in Nova Scotia were accused by Mikmaq tribe of killing a white moose. The hunters were then forced to return the animals fur to the trunk. The coat was used for a day-long mourning ceremony by the Mikmaq. The hunters kept their heads as a trophy.

Local authorities are now calling on people living in the area to help search for those responsible for the death of the sacred white animal.

Woodhouse and among others a group of animal activists have $8,000 left for the tip that leads to the perpetrator (s). โ€œIt may also be that hunters tried to shoot another moose, and that they accidentally hit the white one. If someone admits something like that, I would like to contribute to the legal costs,โ€ says Woodhouse. โ€œThere is so much negativity in the world today. Its nice to see how people now unite and try to do something positive.โ€