Angry farmer makes “poop wall” after neighbors arguing over piece of land

An American neighbors quarrel in the state of Michigan has gotten completely out of control. A farmer from Lodi Township made a poop wall, right on the border of the piece of land over which the two have been stepped up for a long time. I cant open the window anymore. The whole upper floor will smell like it.

It is a meter-long pile of cow manure dumped by a farmer. However, he did so on his own country, so there is nothing to do about it.

Normally they throw it out over the field, but now it has been decided to make a separation of it. Its just one big poop pile, says Wayne Lambarth against Fox 2 Detroit, after a reporter went to get a story.

The neighbors have been arguing with the farm for a long time over the division of the land. It drives the tenants next to the angry farmer crazy. Its not to do. They ruin my morning when I walk out, especially when its warmer, says a young lady.