Angry Sphere after eighth place in tenth stage: ‘Whole team responsible’

Cees Bol was not in the bunch sprint in the tenth stage. The 25 year old sprinter from Sunweb was disappointed and angry afterwards. “I was in the wind for the last kilometre.”

“Something we talked about before, we’re doing wrong”, Bol analyzed right after the finish on Île de Ré, “If you don’t have the ideal spot in the peloton and the wind is tilted from behind, you can never ride around the peloton and still go left. Then the fifth man, in this case me, will always be in the wind”

As a result Bol couldn’t compete for the win in the stage. “I wasn’t feeling well and by the time I was able to compete I was already fucked up. Then it’s really nothing.”

“All responsible

“I’ll be angry afterwards,” said Bol. “We’re all responsible. Someone who makes a mistake in full effort, maybe he makes that mistake too, because he isn’t being coached well enough. Everyone contributes to that. Actually cycling races are always a series of mistakes and the one who makes the least wins. So it’s normal to make mistakes.”

“But I always get over it quickly and after half an hour I see the good things again. Then I’m sure we can learn from them again.”

That the men of Sunweb were well in front and were in the front range when the peloton broke into pieces, Bol saw as a positive point of this stage. “That’s another confirmation of everyone’s good legs. We’re just good enough to have a good final”