Angry supporters FC Barcelona invade stadium Camp Nou

Round the FC Barcelona stadium have once again gathered angry fans protesting against the possible departure of star player Lionel Messi. Just like Tuesday evening, the supporters turn with banners and singing especially against president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

On images on social media you can see that some of the angry followers have also entered the Camp Nou grounds, under the watchful eye of the security staff. The police have now made a number of arrests.

President Bartomeu is held responsible for the disastrous season of Barcelona. The performance of FC Barcelona is downright bad. The team grabbed the Spanish national title this season and was humiliated in the eighth final of the Champions League by Bayern Munich (8-2).

Trainer Quique Setiรฉn was replaced by Ronald Koeman, technical director Eric Abidal left. To make matters worse, Lionel Messi announced on Tuesday that he wants to leave Barcelona.

Spanish newspapers reported Wednesday afternoon that Messi will report to the first practice of his club next Sunday.