Animal ambulance called: ‘People are worried about dogs standing in the garden’

The Dierenambulance has been very busy on Sunday after a lot of snow has fallen and the temperatures have fallen well below zero.

โ€œ It‘s never been so busy in the winter period. The phone is red-hot with people who are worried about cats suffering from cold or dogs standing outside in the garden,โ€ says Susan van de Waal to Hart van Nederland.

According to Van de Waal, especially birds have a hard time, because their feathers can stick together and their legs can freeze to the ice. The Dierenambulance in Lelystad rides extra out to see if there are animals in need of help.

The necessary precautions have now been taken. โ€œWe have prepared two incubators in which supercooled animals can warm up before they go to the shelter. Or when they’re all right, back out.โ€