Animal executioners escape severe penalties, where is holding ban?

On Animal Day in 2018 it was announced with a lot of stampij: there would be an independent holding ban. Animal executioners would no longer be able to keep animals for up to ten years. A milestone in the eyes of Animal Protection, which has been fighting for the ban for decades. But after two years, it still has to become reality. Where‘s the holding ban?

โ€œ Bizarreโ€, Lisanne de Boer, spokesman at the Animal Protection, calls it that it should take so long. โ€œThis is not about additional measures for animal welfare, such a ban is really the absolute soil. We continue to save animals from neglect, only if nothing happens in terms of more stringent legislation is at some point mopping with the tap open.โ€

Because the ban on keeping is about animal welfare legislation, it is not only a matter for Minister Schouten for Agriculture, but also for Minister Grapperhaus for Security and Justice. Both ministries say they want to introduce the holding ban, but ultimately it is up to Grapperhaus to enact the measure. โ€œBut on Grapperhaus’s office, the holding ban has been ruining dust for two years now,โ€ says De Boer.


Sunday, on World Animal Day, therefore the Animal Protection once again calls attention to the holding ban. Whether it makes any difference is still a question, because also on Prince‘s Day the Animal Protection insisted on the rapid implementation of the ban.

When asked, the Ministry of Justice and Security refers only to the answer of parliamentary questions on 24 September, stating that the priority ‘partly because of the coronacrisis has caused additional delays in the last months‘. The Ministry does not want to give a statement on the delay in 2018 and 2019. โ€œIt is expected that the bill will be sent to the Council of State for advice in the autumn,โ€ can be read in the document.

A bright spot is that during the General Consultation on animal welfare last week it turned out that the room is completely finished with it. They want the ban to be submitted to them before the next elections in March 2021. โ€œWork is being done at a disappointing pace,โ€ said Frank Futselaar on behalf of the SP. โ€œThe fact that the Chamber also becomes impatient gives hope,โ€ says De Boer. โ€œBecause to us, the urgency of the ban is clear every day when we are dealing with animals that are kept under terrible conditions.โ€


Netherlands currently only has an unindependent holding ban. That’s like a parole sentence. If you bring an animal back into the house after a conviction, the perpetrator will have to undergo his full sentence, but the holding ban will lapse. An independent holding ban ensures that animals found in offenders can be seized at the same time. According to the Animal Protection Act, the ban not only offers the possibility to punish animal executioners more severely and prevent further suffering, but also sends a clear signal to the government: ill-treatment and neglect of animals is unacceptable.