Anime ‘Magic Battle’ wins best by Crunchyroll Anime Awards

Anime resource Crunchyroll has announced the winners of its annual Anime Awards. This was done during a special online broadcast, but the final results can be found in the summary news on the site. The most awards were collected by the animated series โ€œMagic Battleโ€, it was also named the best anime of 2020.

And the full list of winners looks like this: Anime of the year – โ€œMagic battleโ€; Best animation – โ€œHands off the movie circle! โ€œ; Best Male Character โ€” Shoyo Hinata, โ€œHaikyu!! To the Topโ€; Best Female Character โ€” Kaguya Shinomiya, โ€œMrs. Kaguya: In Love as in Warโ€; Best Soundtrack โ€” Kevin Penkin, โ€œTower of Godโ€; Best Director & mdash; Masaaki Yuasa, โ€œHands off the movie mug! โ€œ; Best Character Design โ€” Mayuka Ito, โ€œToilet Boy Hanakoโ€; Best Protagonist โ€” Katarina Klas, โ€œMy reincarnation in the otome-game as the main villainโ€ ;; Best Antagonist โ€” Ryomen Sukuna, โ€œMagic Battleโ€; Best Battle Scene โ€” Deku vs.

Reconstructor, Season 4 โ€œMy Hero Academyโ€; Best Couple โ€” Nasa Yuzaki and Tsukasa Yuzaki, โ€œBeauty: Carry Me to the Moonโ€; Best Comedy โ€” โ€œMrs. Kaguya: In Love as in Warโ€; Best Drama โ€” โ€œBasket of Fruitโ€; Best fiction โ€” โ€œRe:Zero โ€” life from scratch in another worldโ€; Best Opening โ€” Wild Side, ALI, โ€œOutstanding Beastsโ€; Best Ending โ€” Lost In Paradise, ALI feat.

AKLO, โ€œMagic Battleโ€; Best dubbing actor (in English) โ€” Zano Robinson as Hawk in the fourth season of โ€œMy Hero Academyโ€; Best voice (in Japanese) โ€” Yusuke Kobayashi for his role as Natsuki Subaru in the second season of โ€œRe:Zero โ€” Life from scratch in another worldโ€. More on Gambling Mobile version House Flipper downloaded 10 million times Diablo 2: Resurrected will not affect the classic version of Diablo 2 For flights in WoW: Shadowlands will not be required reputation with covenants.