Anime shooter Risk System is released July 15 on Nintendo Switch

Studios Hidden Trap and Newt Industries announced that the two-dimensional retro action film Risk System will be released on July 15 on Nintendo Switch. The eShop already has a pre-order reception for 899 rubles. In the hand-drawn sci-fi action film, our main character is an ace pilot named Alice.

She operates the RSK9, specially built up to combat dangerous energy parasites from parallel dimensions. Risk System uses an unusual combat system where we are not supplied an extensive range of weapons and reinforcements.

In the game, we charge the ships attacks, getting as close as possible to enemies and getting damage. The higher the risk, the more powerful the shots, but the slightest error will cause the ship.

Risk System was originally created and released by Newt Industries Studio on Steam in 2019 and received positive reviews. Now Hidden Trap is in the business of porting the game – on Xbox One, it came out in March.

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