Anna Torv to play Tess in HBO adaptation of The Last of Us

Media reports that Tess‘s role in HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us will be performed by Anna Torv (โ€œMind Hunterโ€) . Joel‘s teammate in a post-apocalyptic world who accompanied him and Ellie in the beginning travel, will appear in several series of the season. Other details about whether Tess’s story will be expanded or not have yet been named.

Filming of the series started just the other day, and the show premiered from Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) and Neil Drakmann is expected in 2022. Tess in More Game Watch EA Play Live – Waiting for the new Dead Space and Battlefield 2042 Summer Sale kicks off at EGS Gone and Biomutant In Lost Ark added Class 19 โ€” Demon Huntress.