Anno 1800 can be played for free four days

Ubisoft announced another free weekend, and this time they are dedicated to the historic town planning simulator Anno 1800. Free access will open on February 25, at 17:00 Moscow time. You can get acquainted with the game until March 1, 22:00 Moscow time.

Within the free weekend all the content of the game, including add-ons, will be available. Preloading has already started.

And those who decide to buy Anno 1800 will be able to transfer to the full game all the progress made. The start of the free weekend is timed to coincide with the start of the third season.

The first of its additions has already come out: Docks allows you to turn the city into a center of world trade. Before summer there will be two more additions dedicated to tourism and skyscrapers.

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