Announcement MetaHuman Creator, technology for creating realistic models in an hour

Epic Games introduced the cloud application MetaHuman Creator, which allows you to create a photorealistic model of a person in just 60 minutes. Now it takes months of work for specialists to create so detailed models, but thanks to the novelty โ€œEpicโ€ this time will be reduced to an hour – while the quality will remain at a high level of games like The Last of Us: Part II. As part of the application, you can either start creating a model from scratch, gradually adjusting it through internal tools, or start with ready options, then change them at your own accord.

The service library will constantly grow – more than 30 hairstyles and 18 physiques are available now. Once the model is complete, you can export it via Quixel Bridge to Unreal Engine for further animation (manually or through motion capture), and to create LOD&