Announcement of new installment of The Dark Pictures anthology โ€” The Devil in Me

An announcing teaser-trailer for the new installment of horror anthology The Dark Pictures โ€” The Devil in Me โ€” has appeared online. The developers want to complete the first season with this game. Apparently, The Devil in Me is about a maniac inventor who takes great pride in his creativity and also likes to watch how people are getting killed.

Release expected next year. Recall that House of Ashes will be released tomorrow โ€” and we have already shared our impressions:House of Ashes cannot be called the worst horror modern times, but there‘s nothing to praise it for.

It’s just painfully mediocre โ€” even by the standards of second-rate horror stories, from which no one expects anything. More on Gamemania Among Us will appear on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on December 14 New relaunch video Saints Row dedicated to criminal enterprises Sony has unveiled the film adaptation trailer Uncharted with Tom Holland.