Announcements and surprises on movies and games are promised in DC Fandome trailer

Warner Bros. has unveiled a trailer for DCs Fandome event celebrating projects based on the popular universe. The exhibition will be held on October 16 and will feature new announcements on games, movies, series and comics.

Viewers are expected to see new material on โ€œBatman,โ€ โ€œBlack Adam,โ€ โ€œThe Flashโ€ and projects with HBO Max and The CW. Also, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League gameplay and fresh Gotham Knights footage should be shown.

The exhibition starts at 20:00 UTC. More on Gamemania Guardians of the Galaxy Squabbles with Telepath Cosmo in New Video Fresh PS5 Update Is Out โ€” It Boosts Far Cry 6 Performance compared on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.