Another Arboria trailer revealed during

Dreamplant Studio and All in! Games over the course of the Future Games Show unveiled a trailer for their fantastic Arboria bagel. And now another official trailer has been released, featuring snippets of gameplay and details about the game. The Arboria adventure bagels came to Steams early access in May 2020.

Players have to get into a dark fantasy world as the Warrior Yotun who must save the Great Tree. He has a lot of trials on the way, and to handle it, he can mutate.

After the premiere, Arboria received mixed reviews due to technical problems. Now, after a number of major and small updates, she has a very positive rating, with up to 93% of customers recommending the game.

And on September 9, it is due to be a full release. More on Gaming, War Hospital creators revealed 10 seconds of gameplay MythBusters: The Game revealed in new trailer How to paint a gnome: gamescom showed playthrough Model Builder.