Another charge of corruption against Aung San Suu Kyi, verdict postponed

Myanmar‘s military regime has again filed charges against former head of government Aung San Suu Kyi and former President Win Myint. The two have been guilty of corruption with the purchase and rental of a helicopter, according to the junta.

The Suu Kyi ousted in February had to answer for other offences before the court. She was prosecuted for violating the corona rules, corruption and illegal import of walkietalkies. For those cases, she has a punishment of decades over the head.

Earlier today, the judge postponed a judgment against Suu Kyi until December 6. In that case, she is being prosecuted for sedition against the army. She can get three years in prison for that. She says she’s innocent.

Fixed since coup

For the new indictment, which, according to the military regime, also falls under the anti-corruption act, she can face fifteen years in prison.

Suu Kyi was under house arrest after the army committed a state grab at the beginning of this year. According to the army leadership, last year‘s elections went unfairly, but according to international observers, there were no abuses in those elections.

The National League for Democracy, Suu Kyi’s party, won the elections by an absolute majority. The coup led to fierce protests. About a thousand people were killed and thousands were arrested.