Another closed-circuit testing of World War 3 starts on November 25

My. games and Polish studio The Farm 51 announced the imminent start of a new phase of closed testing of the World War 3 online shooter. It will begin on November 25 and last until open testing begins.

Presumably, it will be launched in March 2022. Early Access Kits buyers get guaranteed access to the PTA.

You can buy them on the official website, and soon they will be available on Steam. Five varieties of packs are available: Private, Sergeant, and Lieutenant packs cost from 1190 to 3,690 rubles, and a limited unique Major pack is priced at 22190 rubles.

All players who bought World War 3 during Early Access, for the relaunched version will receive veteran packs with exclusive gear as a gift. It will only be available from the start of the open test.

In the MTA, players have two modes, Tactical Operations and Team Fight to Death. The fights will take place on four maps, including Warsaw, Polyarny and Moscow.

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