Another Deadline Day deal for Brenet: ‘Groningen too, little to nothing’

Joshua Brenet made the switch to Vitesse on 31 January 2020 just before the transfer deadline, exactly two years later, history repeated itself. FC Twente brought the Hoffenheim back back to the Eredivisie and did so just before the closing of the market.
Brenet fell into his old club Vitesse just before time on Saturday and appeared for the ESPN microphone after his Eredivisie interest rate. The Kerkrade born back had no longer counted on it, he honestly admitted. โ€œHow happy I was with the phone call? Super happy, of course, but I was also quite shocked. Because it was quite late in the evening and it suddenly came out of nowhere,โ€ says Brenet. โ€œThe first moment I thought, wow… And then it was immediately packing with my agent, coming this way and then everything went pretty fast. And so you see: Im here now.โ€
The two-time Orange international had ended up on the second plan at Hoffenheim and didn
t have much to choose either. โ€œGroningen also came, that might have been a few hours before. Then Twente suddenly came in the evenings, for the rest pretty little to nothing actually. Yes, there were a few clubs here and there, but the majority of them have been imbuked, because they always asked why I didnt play or why I havent played for so long. The answer? I have not received an answer so far, I have always shown one hundred percent stake and did my utmost.โ€
Brenet is still unaware that after a promising start to his Hoffenheim years, he fell by the boat. โ€œAt first I had my chances, got enough matches, even played Champions League matches with one of the best coaches, who now sits with Bayern (Julian Nagelsmann, ed.), who saw it in me, who did let me play. And then we get a new coach (first Alfred Schreuder, then Sebastian Hoeness, ed.)… Yes, I dont have an immediate answer to that. For my part, I can look at myself in the mirror and say that I did everything about it.โ€