Another film about GameStop was launched into development – this time for HBO

HBO decided to jump on the train of adaptations of Wall Street history and GameStop, launching its feature film into development. This is the seventh project created recently in Hollywood based on the confrontation between the defenders of the gaming chain stores and representatives of Wall Street. Earlier it became known about three more feature films, a miniseries and two documentaries.

HBOs picture is handled by producer Jason Bloom and โ€œBillionsโ€ co-creator Andrew Ross Sorkin. The essence of the confrontation, recall, was that Reddit users began buying up shares of GameStop, which on Wall Street prophesied a drop in value and bankruptcy.

As a result, the first โ€œoutplayedโ€ the second, and brokers responded by trying to restrict trading in securities. In the end, history came even before the US government.

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