Another large group of pupils kidnapped in Nigeria

In northwest Nigeria, about 150 pupils are missing after an attack on their high school. That‘s what a school director and a missing student parent say to Reuters news agency.

Armed men managed to overpower the Christian boarding school security guards on Sunday and Monday. They then kidnapped a large group of pupils from their sleeping quarters and took the group to a nearby forest. According to the police, at least 25 children and a teacher escaped.

The Bethel Baptist High School in Kaduna has around 180 students. They made their exams over the past few days.

Rebels and Criminals

In the northwest of Nigeria, abductions have been the order of the day, and at least a thousand pupils have been kidnapped in the region since December. Most children come back, but more than 150 students are still missing.

Previously, terrorist groups Boko Haram and Islamic State were responsible for kidnapping large groups of schoolchildren in Nigeria. Now it’s mostly rebels and criminals who want to make money with the kidnappings or get something done from the local rulers.

The attack on Christian boarding school is presumably the work of such a militant group. On Sunday, a similar group also took six people from a hospital in the region.

Last February, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari urged local authorities to no longer provide money and cars to rebels in exchange for the return of kidnapped children and adults. The policy would counterproductive, Buhari warned.