Another mass protest in Jerusalem against Prime Minister Netanyahu

In Israel, mass demonstrations have again taken place against Prime Minister Netanyahu. Thousands of people scanned slogans for his official residence in Jerusalem and in other places in the country roads and bridges were blocked. It is the eleventh week in a row that protests are taking place.

The protesters demand the resignation of Netanyahu. Among other things, they feel that the prime minister is not handling the corona crisis well; the number of people infected is rising rapidly due to all kinds of easing and the number of unemployed has also risen sharply lately.

Furthermore Netanyahu is involved in a corruption scandal. There are three lawsuits against him and the protesters think he can’t stay on as prime minister.

Officers injured

The protests have been relatively calm in recent weeks, but last night there were a few incidents, including a blockade erected by the police. Two policemen were injured. Thirteen protesters have been arrested.

Prime Minister Netanyahu refuses to leave. According to him the protests are the work of anarchists.