Another protest in American sports, also ice hockey postponed

hockey league NHL has also cancelled all scheduled play-off games on Thursday and Friday. This is in protest against the ongoing police violence against black people in the United States.

The Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Islanders would play their third game in the best-of-seven series on Thursday, as would the Vegas Golden Knights against the Vancouver Canucks. These two games and Friday’s duels have been moved to Saturday.

Wednesday the ice hockey association decided to let the games go anyway, but that caused a lot of criticism to the NHL.

Positive change

“Black and colored communities continue to experience the real, painful reality”, according to a joint statement by the NHL and the players’ union. “The NHL and the players’ union recognize that a lot of work is needed before we can play an appropriate role in discussions about diversity, inclusion and social justice

“We understand that the tragedies surrounding Jacob Blake, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are forcing us to this moment. We promise to use our sport to bring about positive changes in society.”

Tennisster Naomi Osaka had announced that she would not be competing in the semi-finals of the WTA tournament of Cincinnati (which is being played in New York because of the coronapandemic).

postponed on Thursday. Also, not all baseball teams in the MLB came into action.

So New York Mets (of assistant coach Hensley Meulens) and Miami Marlins decided not to play on Thursday. After a moment of silence (exactly 42 seconds, to the back number of Jackie Robinson, the first black player in the MLB) and a t-shirt with the text Black Lives Matter both teams walked off the field again.

Most leagues are expected to resume fully on Saturday.

Different U.S. media report that the NBA and players have decided among themselves that it may be possible to play again on Friday.

Golfer Tiger Woods, who did compete at the BMW Championship in the American Olympia Fields, reacted to the boycotts in other sports. “We did talk about it and the Tour would support us if we skipped a lap.”

Woods: “Still, I decided to continue playing, just like the other golfers. But it’s a good thing we talked about it together.”