Another rare copy of Super Mario Bros. sold for $2m

A rare sealed replica of Super Mario Bros. for the NES has been sold at auction for $2 million. This is a new world record โ€” we recall that the previous one was staged about a month ago.

The sale of the cartridge was handled by Rally, which originally purchased it for 140,000 thousands of dollars. During the bidding, she had to reject a significant bid of $300,000 โ€” as it turned out for nothing.

The offer to buy the cartridge for $2 million came from an anonymous winner โ€” a collector making โ€œbig bets on video games. โ€ One Rally investor invested in a copy & nbsp; Super Mario Bros.

$100, fetched $950 from the sale. He revealed that he invested money because of nostalgia, and now he can‘t believe that his childhood game sold for $2m.

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